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This little album is intended to showcase my longest and best tracks I've ever released as Abandoned カセット.


A 2 hours and 15 minutes long compilation - personally, I think these two tracks totally driven my Bandcamp stuff to other people's ears.

It was a huge pleasure to make these two tracks, really <3 !
This one will be set as a "Name Your Price" - if you already own these tracks, DO NOT throw a single dollar on this and DOWNLOAD this album for FREE, but if you consider that my music is great for you and you still want to support my work, I'll appreciate it very much.

Again, this little album is just a highlight of my best ambient-dreamy-wavey tracks I've ever released under Abandoned カセット.

Many thanks to those who supported all my work so far. All money will be invested in me making more - hopefully to get more ideas.

In other words, T H A N K Y O U <3




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